Your physical and mental health

by Herbs, Etc.

With the difficulties of the last two years, it’s a good time to see how you’re doing physically and mentally.

Physical Health.

Are you staying on top of your annual exam, including blood work and any screenings? During the last couple of years, people postponed a number of health-related appointments. Take the time to catch up on the medical appointments, if you haven’t yet done so.

Mushrooms have been popular the last year or so – no, not those kinds of mushrooms. Herbal medicinal mushrooms that promote immune health. If that is something you are interested in, look into Deep Health®.

Men, don’t forget your prostate. If you want to support your prostate health, look into Prostatonic™. 

Women, if you need help with your reproductive health, you might find it in Cramp ReLeaf® or Menopautonic™.

Focus on high-nutrient rich foods, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for each of your meals. Consider eating more plant-based foods.

Mental Health.

If you’re like many of us, you feel the need to be with family and friends. Working with the information you have, make changes that feel safe. Videoconferencing isn’t going away, so if that works for you, then have a video meal with a friend!

If you’ve been working out at home and feel that attending in-person gym classes is safe, then maybe try it out. Not quite there yet? Maybe consider outdoor classes, such as boot camp or yoga. You can always take a hike or a walk.

Interested in new ways to support your mental health? Deprezac™ or Kava Cool Complex™ may interest you. Both formulations include St. John’s Wort.

Ah, and before signing off, don’t forget your gut. Lots of research suggests that if your gut is healthy – a whole range of physical and mental concerns are positively impacted. Think fermented foods: sourdough bread, yogurt and kombucha. 

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To your physical and mental health!