Worried about catching a cold or flu this winter?

by Herbs, Etc.

Every winter, adults can expect to come down with an average of two to three colds. And if we don’t take the right precautions, a bout of flu could be in store as well. Though our immune system does a great job of fighting off the viruses that cause these illnesses, it’s not foolproof. Germs can slip through our defenses, especially when we’re greatly exposed to the elements or let our body’s get run down.

Despite what you might have read, no individual food, pill, or life change is going to bolster your body’s immunity enough to prevent you from getting sick. Your immune system is a complex, interrelated network of cells and biologic responses. It’s not easy to overhaul the entire system. That said, making a few smarter choices could cumulatively lower your chances of getting sick this winter.