Women’s health and adrenal fatigue

by Herbs, Etc.


This month let’s talk about both women’s health and adrenal fatigue – and how they sometimes go together.

Women can have a variety of adrenal fatigue symptoms, including decreased libido, irregular periods, hot flashes and night sweats. Add stress to the mix and women’s hormones can become imbalanced. Adrenal fatigue may increase due to this hormonal imbalance.

Reduce stress, and not by drinking alcohol. Alcohol increases your blood sugar which may cause adrenal inflammation. Cut out alcohol, other sugars and processed carbohydrates to lessen this inflammation risk.

Spend time with friends, in nature and getting exercise to help reduce stress. For more ideas to help reduce your stress, read these blog posts.

Sleep is key with women’s health and her adrenals. Stay on a strict 10 pm bedtime schedule so you can get the best possible sleep, which occurs between 10pm and 2am. To help you nod off, turn off all screens up to 90 minutes before bedtime. Listen to relaxing music if it helps.

If you want healthy adrenal support, you may want to try Adrenotonic™. It comes in both softgels and classic liquid extract.

And for those of you going through menopause, you may want to try Menopautonic™. It also is available in softgels and classic liquid extract.

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