Women: Let’s talk about our health.

by Herbs, Etc.

Although our bodies are miracles, we may not always feel that great. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee.


Some women have what some female friends say is an “easy” menopausal transition and others don’t. Between the hot flashes, weight gain, emotional distress and heavy bleeding that often accompanies menopause, “the change of life” can make woman wish it were over already. Women friends often talk about how close they got to the other side of menopause. “I almost made it! Eleven months without a period. Now the clock starts all over again.” These words aren’t said in a happy anticipatory way. More like, ugh, not again! Some tips to supporting your health during this complicated once-in-a-lifetime event:

  • Stop smoking. Consider quitting smoking and vaping. It helps during this time of life (and anytime).
  • Eat healthy. Choose calories from low fat, high fiber foods with colorful vegetables and fruits. The nutrients you consume support your health, which is what you want (and need).
  • Get exercise. Add weight bearing exercise to your cardio routine – from climbing stairs to lifting hand weights. Exercise during menopause helps maintain weight, strengthen bones and lessen anxiety. All good things.
  • Use herbal formulations. Vitex and Black Cohosh traditionally support women’s menopausal transition. You’ll find both in Menopautonic™.

Menstrual Cramps

Not every woman has intense menstrual cramps, but if you do, you often dread your monthly friend. Check out this post for some tips as to how to get through this painful situation.

Urinary Tract Infections

You might have wondered why you get more urinary tract infections than men. It’s due to women’s urethras being shorter than men’s, leading to more of these infections. I know, lucky us. Some tips to minimizing UTIs:

  • Drink water. Consume lots of water to move the bacteria out of your body.
  • Urinate before sex. Eliminate after sex too – and drink water first.
  • Change birth control. Consider using birth control other than diaphragms and spermicides.
  • Use herbal formulations. Choosing sugar-free cranberry juice to support urinary health is a go-to remedy. Get Cranberry fruit and other urinary health supporting herbs in CranBladder ReLeaf®.

Yeast Infections

Oh yeah, those jumping out of your skin infections. Most women will experience these intense infections at some point during their lives. One reason is that we’ve taken antibiotics that kill a variety of bacteria. When we do this, we’re killing the good bacteria along with the not-so-good. That can set us up for these infections. What can you do to minimize yeast infections, other than minimizing antibiotic use?

  • Dump douching. Douching can wash out the good bacteria, along with the rest.
  • Remove wet clothes. Take them off quickly, especially swimsuits.
  • Use herbal formulations. Garlic has traditionally been used to support anti-fungal efforts and is found in Yeast ReLeaf®.

Good talk!