Winter detoxification

by Herbs, Etc.

Winter Detoxification

There’s a lot of buzz about juicing, cleansing, and detoxing. so it’s really important that we do the right type of detox for our bodies — and for the season — in order to retain or restore health balance.

One common mistake is doing the wrong type of detox for the season, particularly a detox that is cooling and depleting in the dead of winter’s cold.

In traditional medical systems, such as Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, paying attention to “food energetics” is an important part of restoring health. Various foods are recognized as having cooling or warming properties.

In cold weather, it's considered important to consume more warm-natured foods to preserve the body’s optimal metabolic state.

Plan to purchase only organic foods for this re-boot — you don’t want to add environmental chemicals while you are trying to remove them!