What to do when your pet has seasonal allergies.

by Herbs, Etc.

This blog post focuses on what to do if your pet has allergies.

Normally, when people talk about pets and allergies, the conversation focuses on how pets are the direct cause of the person’s allergies (from their dander, saliva or urine) or indirect cause (by bringing allergens in from the outdoors).

Yes, dogs, cats, and other animals can suffer from seasonal allergies. They can react to mold, grass and pollen, just like us.

Basically, what we can suffer from, they can suffer from.

If you see signs of seasonal allergy discomfort in your animal, visit your veterinarian to confirm.

Then decide what action to take.

If you want to give your animal an herbal medicine, keep reading.

Although Herbs, Etc. labels don’t mention animal dosage, we’ve posted under our website’s  Learn tab an FAQ. Within that FAQ is a question asking if herbal medicines can be used for pets. Here’s our answer:

Yes. The general rule is to give two drops of liquid herbal extract per 10 pounds of the animal’s weight. For most pets, one of the best ways to give liquid herbal extracts is to mix them in their food.

If you decide to consider an herbal formulation, Allertonic® comes in our classic liquid extract.