Unplanned rendezvous with poison ivy, oak or sumac.

by Herbs, Etc.

Have you had an unplanned rendezvous with poison ivy, oak or sumac, and now the urge to itch is irresistible? Three dramatically effective herbs halt itching and discomfort, prevent the rash from spreading and restore your skin to health: Jewel Weed, Grindelia and Plantain. Only FRESH extracts contain the constituents to achieve results. These saviors are almost certainly growing somewhere along your hiking trail, so it pays to learn to recognize them.

  • Jewel Weed: Find Jewel Weed east of the Rockies and in some areas in the Northwest. Break the stem and repeatedly apply the juice to skin areas.

  • Grindelia: Grindelia likes to grow in sunny locations. The flowers are very sticky and have a strong medicinal fragrance. Pick a flower and rub it on rashes for quick relief.

  • Plantain: Find this herb in almost any moist meadow. If you come across Plantain on your hike, pick a leaf or two to keep in your pocket in case you need it later. To use, chew slightly to activate its properties, and apply to skin areas.