Ten ways to reduce your child’s allergy suffering.

by Herbs, Etc.

Ah, seeing our children suffering with seasonal, environmental and food allergies can be heart breaking. Watery and itchy eyes, stuffy noses along with ear pain, headaches and stomach discomfort. Not good. Below are 10 ways to lessen your child’s allergy discomfort:

  1. Take clothes off at the door. After being outside, hiking, biking or playing, have your child remove his clothes at the back door. Then scoop the clothes up and immediately put them in the wash. Outdoor allergens have collected on their clothes. If he runs around the house in those same clothes, allergens will follow.

  2. Hit the shower. After taking the clothes off, head your child to the shower for a wash, including her hair. This wash should remove the rest of the allergens.

  3. Close the windows. Fresh air is wonderful, but allergen-laden air is not. Try to keep your child’s bedroom windows closed during the high pollen count of the day – or when the wind whips up.

  4. Buy dust mite fighting bedding. Dust allergies are common. To protect your child from this allergen, use hypoallergenic pillow, box spring and mattress covers—and wash the rest of the bedding often. You both will sleep better!

  5. Clean up the pet fur. Vacuum more frequently to remove the family pet’s fur left behind on the hardwood and carpeted floors.

  6. Keep the family pet out of bedroom and bed. This tip takes number five above a little further. Allergens, in this case dander, should be kept out of your child’s bedroom. This is the one place in the house where your child spends most of his time playing, sleeping and studying.

  7. Apply warm and cold compresses. When your child is feeling allergy pressure, apply a warm compress or wash towel to the area. When she has a headache, place a cold compress on her head or over her eyes.

  8. Purify the air. HEPA air filters trap allergens, such as pollen, dander and tobacco smoke. Many air purifiers include HEPA filters.

  9. Read the ingredients. Food allergies need a different level of vigilance. Read ingredients before buying or eating food. Stay away from restaurants that may use an ingredient your child is allergic to. Learn how to tell when your child is having an allergic reaction to food.

  10. Use herbal formulations. Fresh stinging nettle supports seasonal, environmental and food allergy comfort. You'll find fresh stinging nettle in Allertonic®. Although we don't specify a child's dosage on the label, we do provide a child dose recommendation within Ask Herbs, Etc. That FAQ is found under the Learn tab on the home page. Scroll down the Ask Herbs, Etc. page until you find "Can I give herbal medicines to my children?" You'll find the dose recommendation there.