Supporting your respiratory health - all year long.

by Herbs, Etc.

The person sitting next to you begins to cough. You want to get away - fast. If you can, you change seats, leave the room or get off the bus – at the very next stop.

If you can’t get away, you sink into the chair, cover your face and glare at the culprit.

Unfortunately, none of these efforts are going to support your respiratory health for very long. Read on for seven tips to support your respiratory health all year long:

  1. Eat colorful fruits, vegetables and starches. Blueberries, red bell peppers and sweet potatoes are all colorful and have the nutrients you need. So add fruit to your oatmeal and vegetables and starches to your stews. Many of these colorful foods are rich in vitamin C too.

  2. Take zinc. Chicken, red meat and fortified breakfast cereals all have zinc, a beneficial nutrient that supports your immune system. If you prefer to take it as a supplement, zinc lozenges are an option.

  3. Drink green tea. Green tea has many antioxidants. Drinking it warm soothes your throat and warms your body.

  4. Watch what you touch. There’s no way you won’t touch surfaces that may have germs. Use healthier sanitizers, such as those with essential oils, to wipe or spray onto often used surfaces, including your phone and laptop.

  5. Wear gloves. A socially-acceptable barrier to seasonal germs is to wear gloves wherever you can and especially when shaking hands outdoors.

  6. Get some sleep. This is a fundamental pillar of good health that we harp on all year long. If you feel something coming on, head to bed.

  7. Use herbal formulations. Osha supports respiratory health and is found in Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup™. Elecampane supports lung health and is found in Lung Tonic™. Ginger supports immune health and is found in Respiratonic®.