More steps to make pollen season a breeze.

by Herbs, Etc.

You’ll be surprised at what a big difference these simple strategies can make. You don’t have to let clouds of pollen outside make you cower inside your house.

Here are five easy steps to making allergy season a breeze. 

  1. Eat fresh, whole foods. Shun processed and refined foods.Reduce or eliminate sugar. Healthy foods lead to less debris in the bloodstream. The cleaner your blood, the less reactive the immune cells involved in hypersensitivity reactions will be.

  2. Make friends with a Neti pot. Rinse out your nasal passages and sinuses once or twice a day using a warm saline solution.

  3. Be proactive in protecting yourself from exposure to pollen. If the pollen count is high, shower after spending time outdoors to wash off pollen that may have collected on your skin or hair.

  4. If you have a dog, know that they can bring in allergens as quickly as if they were coming in from your windows. Be sure to use a wet towel to gently move over their fur from head to tail. Do not let them sleep on your bed at night. Initiate a new dog bed in your bedroom until the allergy season has passed.

  5. Use a safe and effective herbal formula that contains vitamins, nutrients, and herbal extracts that normalize the immune cells that create escalating reactions to pollens.