Steps to make pollen season a breeze.

by Herbs, Etc.

Seasonal allergies have a way of creeping up on you, making you feel less than your usual, productive self.

Taking a few steps prior to the onset of allergy season can help give you the upper hand in managing those early spring allergies once they hit.

  1. CHECK YOUR MEDICINE CABINET - Be ready to start your allergy supplements when symptoms begin. That way, you can limit their severity. Make certain you are purchasing natural allergy formulations as OTC (over the counter) medications just mask the symptoms and do nothing to help your body systems learn to calm down their responses. Go through your medicine cabinet, check packaging and labels, and toss anything past its expiration date.
  1. GET OUT YOUR SUNGLASSES AND A WIDE-BRIMMED HAT - Wearing a hat and sunglasses when you head outside this spring and summer. This will limit the amount of pollen and other allergens that blow into your eyes. And it’s a great way to protect you from harmful UV sunrays at the same time.
  1. START WATCHING LOCAL POLLEN REPORTS - Keep an eye on local pollen counts, so you’ll know when allergy season kicks off in your area. Use the innovative Allergy Tracker from The Weather Channel to get a 3-day local forecast of key allergy triggers in your specific area. Or download a free app from for iPhones and Android devices. Click here:
  1. SPRING CLEAN YOUR GARDEN - Prepare your garden for spring before peak pollen season arrives. Clear away dead leaves or plants to limit mold growth. Once the weather is warm enough, plant away!
  1. ADD MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES TO YOUR DIET - Fruits and vegetables are powerful sources of antioxidants, natural chemicals that can help you to fight the inflammation that comes with allergic reactions.
  1. STOCK UP ON GREEN TEA - Green tea contains natural antihistamines that can assist in your fight against allergies—and a steaming hot cup of tea soothes scratchy throats and loosens mucus at the same time.