Six ways to cleanse.

by Herbs, Etc.

Have you ever cleansed?

No, not with soap and water. This type of cleansing supports toxin removal from your body.

Why would people do this type of cleanse? Some people want to lose weight. Some want to feel more energetic. Some want to promote their overall health. Others like the idea of getting their diet back on track – eating healthier and cutting back on candy, cookies and cake.

Doing a cleanse can help people reset their eating and drinking behavior and identify foods they may be sensitive to and should be removed from their diet.

Read on to learn about six of the most common ways to cleanse. Look further into these options to better determine if any are right for you.

  1. Eat food. Some cleanses focus on eating whole and organic foods, including only what is fresh and in season. Other food cleanses recommend cutting out sugar, eating a lot of vegetables, choosing healthy carbohydrates and cutting out red meat and soy protein in favor of eggs, fish and poultry.
  1. Drink liquids. Drink water with lemon. Or maybe drink fresh-pressed fruit or vegetable juice (or a blend of both).
  1. Add some spice. It’s easy to include garlic, ginger, cumin or turmeric in your food or juice.
  1. Take a sauna. An age old method to cleanse the body is by sweating. There are three different sauna heating methods: dry heat, wet heat and infrared light.
  1. Try a contrast shower. Another method that has been used for centuries, is to apply hot and cold water to different parts of the body to remove toxins from the skin. A contrast shower of using hot and cold water is the modern adaptation of this cleanse.
  1. Use herbal formulations. Burdock root is a cleanse supporting herb found in Lymphatonic™.