Seven ways to love your health.

by Herbs, Etc.

Would you say that your health is a priority in your life? Do you give it the attention it deserves? Do you love it as much as it loves you? It may be time to show your health that you do, indeed, care.

Read on for health-loving ideas you can put into action right away.

  1. Exercise more: It doesn’t have to be hardcore. You can go to your local indoor mall and walk for a set amount of time. Some malls have walking groups to build socialization and accountability into mall walking. Exercise can strengthen your body and clear your mind.
  2. Get creative: If you have a creative outlet, spend some time every day working on it. If you don’t have one, consider starting one this year. A creative outlet can help reduce stress and help build work/life balance.
  3. Give back: Your local nonprofit organizations often need volunteers to work events, from a 5K run to the annual gala fundraiser. Helping others does more than make you feel good emotionally. It has been reported to help lower blood pressure.
  4. Socialize more: Spending time with friends and family, to celebrate the good times and to share in the sad times, is good for you. Connecting with others has been known to stave off depression.
  5. Cook with new ingredients. There are many new ingredients at the grocery store. One such ingredient is cassava flour. It is used instead of wheat or all-purpose flour and is gluten, grain and nut-free. A healthy alternative for those who are looking for one.
  6. Fast a bit. Intermittent fasting has been in health-related stories recently and may be something to try. There are several ways to participate in intermittent fasting, including eating normally for five days and cutting calories way back for two. Such fasting has been reported to help with a variety of health issues.
  7. Use herbal formulations. Astragalus supports immune systems. Lemon balm promotes a healthy digestive system. Rosemary supports circulation. You will find these and other supportive herbs in many of our herbal medicines.