Nine ways to stay healthy during the holidays

by Herbs, Etc.

It’s cold outside. The cold and flu season has started. And it’s the holidays. You don’t want to find yourself in bed nursing a cold or flu-- and miss all of the festivities.

Read on for nine tips to help support your immune health through the cold and flu, we mean, holiday season:

  1. Stay warm. This is not the time to walk around in cut-off shorts, unless you are in Australia. So if you don’t have a warm coat, hat, cloves and scarf—go get them.

  2. Get enough sleep. Although this is a year-round piece of advice, it is especially helpful this time of year, when your body needs the support to fend off the colds and flu of the season.

  3. Eat right. Many believe you should eat warm foods during the winter. So skip the cold salad and choose a warm antioxidant rich vegetable stew.

  4. Take vitamin C. It isn’t news that vitamin C is full of what is good and needed, especially during cold and flu season. Make sure to take C prescriptively and add onto your dosages to keep your body well protected from all those viruses.

  5. Choose social outings carefully. The more contact you have with people, the more opportunity to catch something. You don’t want to be a hermit during the holidays, so choose your crowds carefully.

  6. Wash hands. Your hands touch everything and carry those germs everywhere. So wash your hands often.

  7. Don’t touch your face. Even if you follow number six religiously, you need to be mindful of not carrying germs to your face—nose, eyes and mouth.

  8. Cover mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Think of others!

  9. Use herbal formulations. Support immune health with Calendula and Echinacea. You will find these and other supportive herbs in Immune Alert™.