Loving a healthy prostate

by Herbs, Etc.

Prostate function can become more of a health focus as we men age.

The late night bathroom visits get tiresome.

Read these prostate function health tips. You’ll quickly notice that all of them can help with your whole body health.

So, help your prostate, help your whole body.

• Consume green, leafy vegetables for the vitamins and nutrients your prostate needs.

• Stop smoking. Vaping included. Enough said.

• Stop drinking liquids three hours before bedtime.

• Cut down on caffeine. Drinking caffeine can stimulate both the prostate and bladder.

• Take vitamin D or soak in some sun a few minutes every day.

• Get your steps in. Start with short walks and work up to longer, and more strenuous, walks.

If you’re interested in an herbal medicine, you might want to try Prostatonic™. It’s made with healthy prostate function promoting herbs, including Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle root and Damiana.*

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