How to support your lungs.

by Herbs, Etc.

We normally don’t think about our lungs. Until we have difficulty inhaling, exhaling or are coughing uncontrollably. That’s the moment we understand our lungs’ importance. So, now that we are thinking about our lungs, how can we support them? We have five evergreen tips:

  1. Stop smoking. Although we know that stopping smoking is incredibly difficult, it is the number one action you can take to support your lung health.

  2. Limit exposure to unhealthy indoor environments. When we get more into the world, those places that allow smoking, would be a no go. In your home, if you are using chemicals, make healthier choices and open your windows. If you live in an area with radon, get that checked. You might consider buying a HEPA air filter for your home.

  3. Review the Air Quality Index. When you do, you can see if it is a good idea to spend time outdoors, breathing the air. Wildfires, chemical discharges and more cause air pollution, something you want to minimize breathing into your lungs.

  4. Exercise your body. When you do aerobic exercise, you strengthen your lungs. Stronger lungs help you breathing better. Keep in mind that exercising in a clean air environment is key.

  5. Use herbal formulations. Osha root has been used by generations of Southwestern Native Americans and Hispanics to support their respiratory health. You will find Osha root in Rocky Mountain Throat Syrup™ and other Herbs, Etc. herbal medicines.