How to manage seasonal stress.

by Herbs, Etc.

It’s November and the holidays are fast approaching. The season can be full of wonder, but then again, it can also be stressful. All the parties, preparations and purchasing that go into the season can cause some of us to bow out of the holidays all together. So, what to do? Here are eight ways to manage stress and actually enjoy the season:

  1. Spend time with people. Reduce stress by spending time with your good friends or your favorite relatives. Sometimes just talking on the phone with someone who cares about you is all you need.

  2. Schedule potlucks. Ask friends and family to bring appetizers, side dishes or desserts, so you don’t have to prepare all the food.

  3. Stay on budget. Make a budget, share it with your friends and family and stick to it. Make a game of finding the best prices for your seasonal needs.

  4. Let go. Take a breath when schedules go awry. If you find yourself waiting for a delayed flight or having to wait out a storm before continuing to a family celebration, consider it forced free time. Sometimes you have to just let go and not try to control a situation that can’t be controlled.

  5. Eat omega-3 fatty acid foods. Cook salmon, pack walnuts and bake ground flax seed bread. Consume these anxiety and stress fighting fats every day.

  6. Create a welcoming retreat. Pull out all those blankets you packed away and make a warm and cozy bed retreat. Fluff up your pillows so when you climb in at the end of the day, you sink wonderfully into bed. All you will feel is the weight of the blankets—not the world.

  7. Put a kettle on. Drink a cuppa, as our British friends say. Chamomile is great as a relaxing herb tea. Ginger is warming and calms an upset stomach. Sit next to a window and enjoy the seasonal view.

  8. Use herbal formulations. Quiet an overactive mind with Passionflower. Betony helps to fight anxiety. You will find these and other relaxation supporting herbs in Nervine Tonic™.