How to keep your throat healthy.

by Herbs, Etc.


With us cheering at sports events, singing in the choir or teaching in-person, throat health is important to us again. Here are some tips to keeping your throat healthy:

Drink ginger juice. Make your own ginger tea by slicing ginger root and placing the slices in a pot of hot water. Let it simmer for a bit. Pour into cup, add some honey and enjoy!

Eat for throat health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are especially helpful to your throat’s mucus membrane, as well as to the rest of your body.

Eat to soothe a throat. Consume throat soothing foods, such as grandma’s chicken soup, popsicles and yogurt.

Gargle with salt. Add some salt, a teaspoon or so, to warm water and gargle. This remedy has been around for some time.

Get some sleep. Follow a healthy sleep regime so you get your rest. Sleep impacts your whole body’s health, which includes your throat.

Hydrate often. Drink lots of water to keep your throat’s vocal cords lubricated.

Take a break. Give your throat a rest. You don’t want to continuously overuse it.

Consider a humidifier. Placing a humidifier in your room, entire house or even your car adds much needed moisture to your space — and to your throat. Humidifiers are very helpful, especially in dry climates.

Use herbal formulations. Yerba Mansa root and Licorice root have traditionally been used to support throat health. You’ll find them and other throat health supporting herbs in Singer’s Saving Grace®.