How to enjoy summer while avoiding skin irritating plants and bugs.

by Herbs, Etc.

As a child, summer was the most magical time. We biked to the ice cream parlor for our favorite creamy treat – with sprinkles. Then biked to the river and swam so much we would later collapse in bed. Then we woke up and did it all over again. Unless, that is, we woke up with welts or other skin irritations from poison ivy, poison oak or bug bites and stings. Over the years we have learned many ways to avoid skin irritating plants and bugs – and what to do if our best efforts fail:

  1. Stay on the trail. When walking or hiking it’s important to stay out of the brush and tall grass. Stinging (and biting) bugs and irritating plants can often be found there.

  2. Be alert at the water. Bugs like the water too. So if you see them at your favorite pond, river or lake , you may want to look for a less bug populated place to swim.

  3. Wear long pants. Long-sleeved shirts, socks, closed toe shoes and a hat are the go-to summer wardrobe. The less exposed your skin, the greater your skin protection.

  4. Don’t wear perfume. Bugs are attracted to perfume. Keep that in mind the next time you head out the door this summer.

  5. Learn about plants. Find out how to identify poison ivy and poison oak so you can steer clear of where they grow. Knowledge is power.

  6. Use herbal formulations. If you do happen to get a skin irritation, plantain can soothe it. You will find plantain in Ivy Itch ReLeaf® and Bug Itch ReLeaf®.