How to create cleansing drinks.

by Herbs, Etc.

Before we create cleansing drinks, let’s revisit foods that offer this benefit.

Greens (including kale and spinach) and beets
Red fruits (including cranberries, cherries and pomegranates) and lemons
Fresh turmeric and ginger

Drink ideas.

Teas are a great way to make tasty cleansing drinks.

Hot tea with lemon and ginger is popular. Make tea with hot water and steep with sliced lemon and fresh ginger. If you want to add in some real tea, steep tea first, then add the other ingredients. Green tea is a nice choice.

For iced tea, steep tea and refrigerate to get it nice and cold. Add sliced cranberries or pitted sliced cherries to the tea. Shake or stir, then serve.

Don’t want to drink tea? Add the cleansing ingredients to water, stir or shake, and drink. Don’t forget to slice the fruit along with any vegetables, so the flavors and nutrients come through in the water. Add a little spice for taste (and health), such as fresh mint.

Looking for more of a liquid meal? Make a smoothie. You can add ice to any of the above options – or you can use a plant-based milk on its own or with a plant-based protein powder. Just combine all of your ingredients and blend.

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