How to choose your healthy New Year’s resolution.

by Herbs, Etc.

If you’re going to make a resolution, make sure to choose one that focuses on your health. Then choose one that you know you can keep. Below are areas of our lives where we have a lot of control. Each focuses on an area that is important to our health. Choose one for 2022!

Whom you socialize with.

You choose whom to spend time with, right? Choose people who like, appreciate and accept you as you are.  Spending time with those who demand that you be something you aren’t, isn’t good for you, which means it isn’t mentally or emotionally healthy. Choose wisely.

What you eat.

You choose what you eat. Choose to eat healthier. Eating more steamed vegetables and snacking on more fruit, provides your body with vitamins and nutrients it needs to be healthy. Choose many colorful vegetable and fruit options, eat as many of the colors as you can. The different colors equate to different vitamins and essential nutrients. Choose color.

How you exercise.

You choose to exercise. Choose to get up from the sofa or table to take a walk, a hike or dance around your living room. Exercise can lessen health conditions and their associated risks. Choose movement.

When you go to bed.

You choose when to go to bed. Choose a schedule you can stick to. Consistency of bedtime helps your body subconsciously prepare for the end of the day. Some research suggests that the change of evening light, especially 90 minutes before midnight, is the best time to fall asleep. Having a bedtime your body can count on and the resulting sleep it gets, is health promoting. Choose sleep.

Make a resolution to have a happy and healthy 2022.