Here's how men can support their health.

by Herbs, Etc.

Men can take actions to stay on top of their health. Below are eight actions they can take now:

  1. Reduce work stress. Sometimes who we are is tied directly to what we do. Pay attention to signs of work stress, including irritability, grinding teeth and clenching hands into fists. Go to the gym, hike in nature and get a massage.

  2. Support kidney health. It has been reported that men are more at risk for kidney failure than women. Some lifestyle changes can help support their kidneys, including cutting back on alcohol, losing weight, quitting smoking and exercising.

  3. Be alert to mental health. Depression in men often looks more like anger or aggression, not sadness. No matter how hard it is, they need to find someone to talk to – friend, family member or a therapist.

  4. Watch the waistline. The more weight men carry around their middle means more stress on their heart. Lose the weight, so the heart can do its job.

  5. Eliminate risky behavior. Men are more apt to take all sorts of health risks, from not buckling their seat belts to not wearing condoms during sex. Focus on the long game, even if that means a little less adrenaline or pleasure in the short term.

  6. Support prostate health. Men who eat a diet primarily of meat or dairy products have been reported to have an increased risk of prostate enlargement. Eat more vegetables, fruits and healthy fats and cut back on alcohol and coffee.

  7. Get screened. Testicular cancer screenings are often done during men’s routine physical exams. At 50, men should get screened for colon cancer by having a colonoscopy. Also at 50, men who are at average risk for prostate cancer should be screened. African-American men, men at high risk or who have a strong family history of prostate cancer are recommended to be screened at a younger age.

  8. Use herbal formulations. Saw palmetto supports kidney health and is found in Kidney Tonic™. Saw palmetto and stinging nettle support prostate health and are found in Prostatonic™.