Healthy living practices.

by Herbs, Etc.

Adults shopping for healthy whole foods at the market.

There are well-known and agreed-to healthy practices.

One practice is getting enough restful and refreshing sleep. Without sleep, we don’t function. Sleep is one of those practices that we need to prioritize.

Another practice is getting exercise. It’s well accepted that exercise reduces stress, improves mobility and sharpens mental acuity. We always say to start small and work up to longer and more difficult exercise levels. It’s never too late to start!

Eating healthy and whole foods is yet another proven practice. Processed food needs to be a smaller percentage of your total food intake. Processed foods can be unhealthy for many reasons, including high fat, salt and sugar. Our bodies need whole foods, especially vegetables, fruit, legumes and fish. Oh, don’t forget the mushrooms!

If you don’t include mushrooms as part of your meal planning, consider taking them as an herbal medicine. Mushrooms have received a lot of positive press the last few years. Do you want to try an herbal medicine with several mushrooms in the formulation? If so, consider our Deep Health®.

Practice makes perfect. Start today.