Feelings of distress

by Herbs, Etc.


Stress can evaporate when you set good personal boundaries. “No!” can be a useful, health-saving response at appropriate times. Just say no to people, situations, places, and things you know are detrimental to you.

Worry is unproductive, especially when allowed to leak into every part of your life. Set aside a finite amount of time to worry, and then move on to more pleasant activities.

Create oases of peace in your life. Insist on private time for journaling or self-reflection. Luxuriate in at least one unrushed, sit-down meal per day. Reduce any unnecessary, self-imposed stressors. Explore lowering your tidiness standards. Take a break from listening to the news. Consider an aquarium—become a champion fish-watcher. Invest in an indoor waterfall and imagine yourself by a mountain stream. Save