Exhausted? Five tips to making more energy.

by Herbs, Etc.






There is so much coming at us. We are working from home, home schooling our children or communicating with loved ones more than ever. We are trying to keep it all together. Many of us are exhausted.

This is a good time to remind ourselves of five evergreen tips that can help us make more energy, so we have the emotional, mental and physical stamina to manage our new lives. Read on:

  1. Eat for energy. Protein-rich foods, including fish, eggs and beans are good choices. When ordering delivery or takeout, choose healthier options, which have more anti-oxidants and produce more energy.
  1. Find ways to relax. Strike a yoga pose, listen to soothing music or watch a favorite funny movie. Less stress and anxiety translate to more energy.
  1. Take a walk. Exercise can be done anywhere. Walk around the apartment, back yard or neighborhood. Add hand weights to the exercise plan. Sufficient exercise often leads to more restorative deep sleep, which will also improve energy levels.
  1. Nap daily. Take a 15 to 30 minute power nap to get a boost of energy every day.
  1. Use herbal formulations. Ginseng is used to promote energy. You will find Ginseng in Ultimate Ginseng™.