Digestive health

by Herbs, Etc.
Digestive health

Help your digestive engine to fire up properly and burn clean. Eat only when hungry, and don’t overeat. Otherwise, you overwhelm your body’s ability to process food efficiently, and you gum up the works.

Sip 1/4 cup room-temperature water with a squirt of lemon juice before meals to stoke your digestive fire. The sourness makes saliva and digestive juices begin to flow.

It’s easy to do at restaurants, too!

Whether or not you have a health challenge, it pays to “let food be thy medicine,” as Hippocrates advised. But with the dizzying number of conflicting messages about what to eat, where do you turn?

It’s clear that one diet doesn’t fit all.

Consider visiting an acupuncturist or exploring Ayurvedic medicine to determine your individual constitution. Then you can adopt a diet specifically tailored to you.