Body image

by Herbs, Etc.

Body Image

In our culture, youth, slimness and fitness are valued.

People hold the ultra-thin bodies of models and actresses as ideals, no matter how unrealistic and unhealthy they might be.

The underlying message is that women need to look slim and “perfect. Otherwise, they are not healthy, competent, desirable and confident.

As a result, many women are unhappy with their natural body weight, size and shape. This often leads to:

• Low self-esteem

• Poor self-image

• Too much focus on our bodies

• Severe eating disorders

Even pre-adolescent girls (around 12 and younger) report that they diet to control their weight. Many women and girls risk their health even more by choosing to smoke to control their weight.

Changing your focus:

Your size, weight and shape are largely determined by your genetics and lifestyle. Also, as you grow older, it’s natural to gain some weight and see your body shape change.

Here are some ways you can lessen an unhealthy focus on your body:

• Recognize advertisements for what they are–a sales pitch

• Look for other ways to feel good about yourself besides physical appearance. (Example: pursue educational, spiritual and social activities.)

• Focus on health instead of appearance. Be sure that you are eating well, getting exercise, and taking time to relax

• See yourself as an entire being and not a “set of hips” or a “tummy”

• Realize that dieting without daily exercise and a healthy, low calorie diet doesn’t work

• If you have an eating issue, see your health care provider right away. Your life and health may depend on it!