Better ear health

by Herbs, Etc.


Once your hearing is damaged, it's gone for good. That's why doctors raise awareness about the prevalence of hearing loss, the importance of early checkups, and the options for taking action to find the best hearing solution for your needs. Don't wait until it's too late to start taking care of your ears! Here are ten easy ways to protect your ears and your hearing health.

  1. Use earplugs around loud noises.
  2. Turn the volume down. Listening should be at 60% volume
  3. Earbuds are dangerous, as they fit directly next to the eardrum. Opt for over-the-ear headphones.
  4. Give your ears time to recover when exposed to loud noises.
  5. Stop using cotton swabs in your ears.
  6. Take medication only as directed as some contribute to hearing loss.
  7. Keep your ears dry. Be sure to towel-dry ears after bathing or swimming.
  8. Get up and move! Exercise is good for your ears.
  9. Manage your stress levels. Anxiety is linked to tinnitus (ringing in ears).
  10. Get regular checkups. Incorporate hearing screenings with regular checkups