Allergy sufferers welcome here.

by Herbs, Etc.

Welcome to our small, but mighty tribe.

We say small because us allergy sufferers quickly learn that not all people share our fate. It can be kind of lonely.

We say mighty because, as all allergy sufferers know, it takes a lot of strength to navigate allergen-laden days.

It takes a kind of intestinal fortitude to handle the runny nose, head pain and itchy eyes and show up to a commitment, it be to help someone move or to help a colleague with a project.

After we schlep ourselves to the commitment, it doesn’t take long for a question about our suffering. When we answer, “allergies” we usually don’t get any love.

So, we are a small, but mighty tribe of human beings just trying to get through another day of allergy suffering.

Need some help?

Start by visiting our past allergy blog posts. We’ve covered a lot of territory.

You could also use an herbal formulation. Elecampane root and Eyebright herb have traditionally been used to support allergy relief. Both are found in Allergy ReLeaf® System or Allertonic®.

Stay mighty, small tribe!