Loviral™ Classic Liquid Extract

Loviral™ Classic Liquid Extract
Loviral™ Classic Liquid Extract

Loviral™ Classic Liquid Extract

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Loviral™ is made with respiratory defense activating herbs, including Lomatium, Pelargonium and Osha.*

We apply our company philosophy to Loviral™, as we do to all of our herbal medicines. That philosophy is to do what’s right, which extends to choosing the right herbs, using the right processes and making the right formulations that support your health needs. We do all of this to bring you herbal medicines made right™.

Lomatium root, Pelargonium (umckaloabo) root, Osha root, fresh Elder berry, Andrographis herb, Honeysuckle flower, fresh Grindelia flower, Organic Elecampane root, Organic Echinacea angustifolia root, Organic Licorice root, Elder flower, Organic fresh Yarrow flower top, fresh Lobelia herb in bladder seed stage.

Other Ingredients: US Pharmacopoeial alcohol (60-70% by volume), purified water, Organic apple cider vinegar (acetic acid <0.01%).

Gluten free. Vegan. No artificial preservatives, corn syrup, colors or flavors.

Take 30 drops in water every two or three hours until lung health is restored.

Do not use during pregnancy. A rare allergic reaction with skin rash, itching, and swelling may occur. Discontinue use. Reaction usually subsides within two weeks.

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