Seven tips to help you maintain your health – especially during the holidays.

by Herbs, Etc.

It can be tough to stay healthy during the holidays. We never know if the person who just hugged us at the company party or the family member sitting next to us at the holiday dinner is carrying a cold or flu virus. Even if you aren’t attending many holiday events, but are shopping at the malls or riding public transit, you can pick up a bug. So what should you do?

  1. Sanitize everything. Lavender oil is a natural sanitizer. Use it on everything you touch at home and at the office – from door knobs to devices.

  2. Wash your hands. A lot. Also try not to put your hands on your face or to rub your eyes. This is hard to do, but very important.

  3. Get your sleep. As is the case the rest of the year, getting your sleep, especially the rapid eye movement (REM) kind, is vital to building up resistance to seasonal colds and flu viruses. Consider a power nap to get you through the day. Also if you are pushing yourself too hard to get all the items checked off your list, take a break. Tiredness can lead to fatigue, which can lead to getting a cold or flu.
  1. Drink water. Water keeps you hydrated during the season and helps to counteract the dryness of offices, homes and restaurants. Dryness of the sinuses can cause bloody noses, colds and sinus infections.

  2. Drink alcohol in moderation. It’s always a good idea to watch your alcohol consumption. This time of year, alcohol can add to your mucous membrane dryness.

  3. Eat protein. Your body needs protein to be strong, especially during the holidays. So don’t cut out protein if you cut down on calories.

  4. Use herbal formulations. Echinacea supports overall health. You will find these and other supportive herbs in many of our herbal medicines, including Phytocillin®.