Largest organ of elimination

by Herbs, Etc.

What’s the largest organ of elimination in your body? Hint: It’s not the colon or the liver - it’s the skin!

Each pore releases wastes, even when you’re not sweating. A well-functioning skin takes pressure off the liver and kidneys. Wake it up with skin brushing. Before showering, brush with a natural-bristle brush or loofah. Begin at the extremities (skip your face); work your way toward your heart.

Why are the Swedes and Finns so steamed up about saunas? Sweating is a natural way to remove impurities and speed up skin metabolism. Indulge in a sauna when you have the chance.

Don’t forget the invigorating cold dip, which increases circulation. It’s been proven to amp up immune cell numbers and activity. Check with your health practitioner if you have cardiovascular issues.