Do you have more toxins coming in than going out?

by Herbs, Etc.

Vibrant living is all about raising personal awareness in each aspect (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, and purpose). There is a mental, physical and spiritual side to many of the challenges we face. In that sense, we can focus on a number of ways to help transform our situations in each category.

Naturally our cells have the ability to vibrate at a very high level. But, when we are exposed to or consume more toxins than our body can efficiently eliminate our body is forced to store the excess toxins in our cells, leading to lower vibration and health challenges. Due to the toxic state of most of our environments it is a given that the vast majority of us on the planet have cleansing to do on all levels. Starting to physically cleanse allows us to start receiving real nutrition again, and to realign our vibration with our natural state.