Cleansing herbs

by Herbs, Etc.

Cleansing herbs

Restore and maintain health with herbs that make it easier for your body to accomplish routine cleansing and filtering tasks.

Is your goal radiant health? If so, it makes sense to optimize the way your intestines absorb nutrients and eliminate waste products.

• Chinese Rhubarb excels in this regard. This herb supports and balances intestinal function, and improves colon detoxification. It facilitates elimination while toning the lining of the intestines.

• Slippery Elm is a first-rate herb to soothe and protect digestive mucous membranes. It balances the production of healthy mucus all the way through your intestinal tract and helps regulate proper function of the colon. Slippery Elm is a traditional cleanser and contributes to intestinal health.

• Burdock is an excellent choice. This herb enhances liver function and stimulates digestive juices so you digest food completely. Burdock activates elimination through the skin, increases lymphatic flow and helps dislodge deep-seated toxins.