Respiratory irritants

by Herbs, Etc.

Hot steam vaporizer

The lungs filter a huge number of particles out of the air you breathe. Most homes collect two pounds of dust each week! Vacuum often. Remove mold by cleaning air ducts on forced-air heating systems. There are effective air purification technologies, but no one unit removes every type of particle. Do your research before purchasing.

Central heating systems and wood stoves generate hot, dry air that sucks moisture out of the linings of your lungs, sinuses and throat. Dry mucous membranes are vulnerable to microbial intruders. Keep airways healthy and happy by keeping them hydrated. Drink 6–8 glasses of water daily.

Go a step beyond the bubbling teakettle on the woodstove—use a hot-steam vaporizer in living and work spaces. If your lungs feel hot and parched, a tea of flax seed and licorice root will cool, moisten and soothe delicate membranes. Both herbs strengthen and nourish lung tissues.

On the other hand, if you’re drowning in secretions, choose warm, spicy herbs like ginger for your tea. Dried ginger is hotter than fresh and will cut through mucus congestion. To vary the flavor, add fresh lemon juice. Save